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Summer Activities

To my rising 7th graders, I hope you are enjoying a great summer, and for my incoming 6th graders, I hope you are getting excited to join our Tiger Family and the BEST school around!

I would like to make incoming 6th graders aware of summer assignments for history, as well as to post some additional activities and opportunities that all students may take advantage of.

The 6th grade history summer assignment and all included materials are posted here. Please review the project guide first, and then find the related materials. This assignment presents students with an open-ended challenge in which they will design a deliverable based on their summer reading. The deliverable is due on Friday, August 21.

I am available periodically to answer questions about the summer assignment, but I encourage all students to approach it creatively and to remember that in my class, there are very rarely "right" and "wrong" answers. Students ought to view the summer assignment as a chance to highlight their unique interests and skills! Please e-mail any questions to

Several rising 7th grade students have reached out regarding summer debate opportunities. While I am not available to provide coaching and feedback during the summer, I would like to share this list of summer camp opportunities for debate that come highly reviewed. Summer camp is a great way to give students an edge in the 2020-2021 season, and this list is curated to include several dates and price ranges to choose from.

I also provide instructions in the link above for students who would like to compete in summer tournaments. This is a great way to practice speech and debate independently, and I encourage all 7th graders who would like to participate to do so!

If you are a 6th grade student interested in debate summer camp, I recommend Capitol Debate's 101 Course, or any of Stanford's public speaking, policy, or public forum introductory courses.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer! See you in August, and Go Tigers Go!

Mrs. Warden


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